Cafe Jordano Raises over $27,000

Cafe Jordano is more than just an incredibly good restaurant with a fun atmosphere. It’s also the establishment where owner Elisa Heitman hosts a special dinner party of her own. Actually 3 dinners on an Autumn Sunday every year. And she donates everything (not just proceeds but every last cent) to Caruso Family Charities. And with food this good, it’s no wonder that Elisa has packed a full house and sold out every year since she started. This year, the Cafe Jordano dinner raised over $27,000 to help families of children with life threatening or life altering diseases in Colorado. We laughed, we cried, we shared stories and food. Community-style. We are forever grateful to Elisa, to Cafe Jordano and its amazing staff for this special gift. Thanks also to the brave families who shared their stories at the dinner so we could get an update and hear how CFC has benefitted you directly.

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