Leslie & Ron Donate their Wedding

Leslie Jorgensen and Ron Salerno will marry this June. Congratulate them by making a donation to their favorite local charity, Caruso Family Charities, to benefit children with life-threatening illnesses.

“We feel blessed to have everything we need,” said Ron, a systems engineer, “So instead of gifts, we’d like to dedicate this celebration of our new life together to a greater good.”

Leslie, an artist and graphic designer has long had a heart for Caruso Family Charities and has donated a portion of her time over the years to pro bono and discounted work for the charity. “I love the work they do and the wonderful, dedicated people behind it,” she said.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE and leave a comment for them below.

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  1. Julie Busch April 6, 2017 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    Wow! You two are truly awesome! ❤️

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