Three-year-old Kellum Johnson has a large string of beads he carries and likes to wear. If you ask him, he’ll show you that for every treatment for his leukemia, he gets a new bead and each bead represents a specific procedure.


Kellum is Andrew and Rebecca’s only child and is being treated by Dr. Tom Smith at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Kellum was only two and a half when he was first diagnosed and immediately began receiving chemo treatments every week.

Andrew lost his job right after Kellum was first diagnosed so the bills mounted up quickly for this young family. Caruso Family Charities stepped in and helped the Johnsons with rent, car insurance, utility bills, cell phone bills and gas money. Then, to celebrate his 3rd birthday, CFC purchased a bike for Kellum, much to his delight.

Both Andrew and Rebecca have been so grateful for the financial support provided by Caruso Family Charities. Andrew wanted to say,

“Five hundred dollars to pay electricity while my son was in the hospital for 22 days…meant having the power on for my son to have a safe environment to come home to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to take him home when we did get released from the hospital.”

Rebecca added, “It’s been rough. I’m glad that Jerry and Karen were so willing to help because there are a lot of families that definitely need help. We are not the only ones.”

The great news is that Kellum is now in remission. However, he is in a high-risk category for relapse, so he will need to have continued medical attention.


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