Sarah Dolif is a single mom to two beautiful little girls: 6-yr-old Bella and 3-yr-old Sophia. Sophia was born with Holoprosencephaly, a rare disorder where the embryonic forebrain fails to sufficiently divide into two cerebral hemispheres. This results in severe skull and facial defects and can be life threatening. Doctors don’t know what causes this genetic malfunction.


Sarah does her best to make ends meet, but struggles under the pressures of medical care and everyday living expenses. Caruso Family Charities stepped in to help pay several bills, so she can feel a little less pressure and spend some time with the girls.


Upon meeting the family, Jerry was also concerned about Sophia’s sister Bella. Oftentimes, when a parent must focus so much time and attention to caring for a sick child, the healthy siblings suffer the loss of attention or play dates. Bella is lonely, as she gets very little interaction with others.


Caruso Family Charities helped with expenses but also by enrolling Bella in dance lessons in May. In just these summer months, she has blossomed into a fantastic tap dancer and has gotten rave reviews from her teacher, Stephanie Parker. Her first dance recital was August 20th, and Bella’s new friends Jerry and Karen Caruso were there.

bella bella2


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